Claudio Ara a Cagliari

Sardinian cuisine harmonious flavours

Claudio Ara in Cagliari features creative dishes, which revisit the Sardinian cuisine offering a menu in which traditions explode into a harmony of unique flavours. But who is Claudio Ara? His adventure in the catering world started when he was only 13, when he started to work at the historic restaurant Su Stazzu in the province of Medio Campidano. Later, Claudio Ara began a path based on tradition and innovation, which included a continuous research of top quality ingredients and Sardinian recipes. The recipes are reinvented or modernized, respecting their purity.
For his philosophy of rediscovering and offering the traditional dishes, Claudio Ara in Cagliari has become a special chef par excellence. It was him who wanted to create a unique menu for Su Tzilleri ‘e su Doge, which combined the agri-pastoral traditions with the seafood: the island of Sardinia. He started a new path, a walk among the flavours of two different worlds, which have some common features, like the breeding of lambs.
The restaurant owned by Claudio Ara in Cagliari provides its clients with a menu rich in flavours that range from meat to fish and respect our Mother Earth, combining the flavours of the cultivated land to the fish and cattle. Claudio Ara offers only dishes that do not impoverish the Mediterranean Sea, he does not promote any red tuna from Carloforte, swordfish or whitebait. The Osteria del Doge tries to create a connection among the traditional flavours, the genuineness of the ingredients and the modern society. Claudio Ara, considering these elements, offers a creative menu that promotes the Sardinian flavours, with recipes based on the products of this amazing Italian region.
Story and traditions are therefore the key elements of the restaurant owned by Claudio Ara in Cagliari: the menu for the special events aim to promote not only top quality products but also the identity of a people, its culture and territory. For this reason, the menu includes some Sardinian specialties such as the ham from Villagrande, the sardines “in saor”, the Casizolu, the Fregula, the purple artichokes from Sant’Erasmo and the spiny ones from Serramanna, the IGP Sardinian lamb.
The careful selection of top quality ingredients and the desire to discover the region from its original recipes have resulted in a menu that enhances the flavours and perfumes of Sardinia and its villages. An example is the menu for the celebration of St. Efisio, the saint patron of Sardinia, which combines the best dishes of four historic provinces like the ham from Oliena, the sausage from Ploaghe, the coppa from Samassi and the smoked ricotta from Ovodda, the octopus from Calamosca with the potatoes from Sadali, the burrida from Cagliari, the meatballs of Sardinian Modican meat with Malvasia wine from Bosa, the mullet with Zibba from the pond of Pontis, the beef tripe with tomato sauce and mint, the Sardinian fregula with seafood, the roasted pork from Siurgus and Sardo Modicana, the snapper fillet with potatoes and saffron from San Gavino Monreale and the sheep milk flan.
Also the wine list reflects the desire to offer some traditional top quality products from Sardinia, which enhance the dishes and, at the same time, tell the story of such a beautiful country, caressed by the sun and the sea.
The love for the good and natural food led Claudio Ara in Cagliari to look for suppliers among the small local producers who are able to create small and great wonders like the cured meats of Antonello Salis, from Ploaghe, the Fiore Sardo cheese of Roberto Loggias from Ovodda, chickens, lambs, hybrid pigs and Sardinian Modican cows of Walter Vivarelli from Cagliari; fish, clams and seafood of Lello Bissirri in Cagliari, the “Fregula” and “Maccarronis de busa” by Past Art from Gonnesa, the “Natalis” from Pastificio Arai in Isili, the “Culurgiones” and “Seadas” of the Pastificio di Jerzu; the linguini and spaghetti of Fratelli Cellino in Oristano, the goat milk from Coop. Dorgali; the stretched cheeses of Massimo Bò in Porto Torres, the fruits and vegetables sold by Fabio at the Mercato Santa Chiara in Cagliari; mushrooms, snails, spinach and other vegetables sold by Zio Fausto in Cagliari; the Savoiardi biscuits of Esca Dolciaria from Dorgali, the organic citruses from Monteporceddus of Mimmo and Matteo; the Muravera Sardinian buffalo mozzarella Maiora of Siurgus Donigala.